If you’re planning a conference or event for your company or organization, why not consider a virtual event? You can expect virtual events to be increasingly sophisticated in the next five years, with features such as full 3D virtual conference halls, landing pages, a mobile app, chat channels, and meeting rooms that make the experience seamless. There are many benefits to virtual events, and here are the top three reasons you should consider one over an in-person conference.


With the advances in technology, companies are leveraging the power of hosting virtual events to reach a wide audience. In 2022, virtual events will be the new chapter. Start with a clear objective, let your audience drive content, and embrace technology to make your virtual event as smooth and easy to attend as possible. In addition to hosting an event in the virtual world, you can use a virtual event platform to improve your business’s digital presence.


Virtual events have already grown in popularity and lockdowns are a prime example. According to a recent survey by 6Connex, over 75 percent of respondents expect to hold at least some of their events virtually in 2022. Fifty-one percent expect virtual events to make up the majority of these events, while twenty-five percent expect virtual events to take the lead. In 2022, event marketers should plan a balanced strategy to make the most of this new medium.


The cost of holding a virtual event depends on several factors. Some companies offer free virtual events, while others charge for the production and post-production services. Production services range from $20K to $100,000 per event. The number of attendees and the length of the recording determine the costs. Some companies also offer specialized products that can be expensive. A one-day virtual event may cost around $22,000 and include multiple speakers, breakout rooms, panels, and audience interaction.

Face-to-face engagement

Host a virtual event in 2022 to create the most engaging and profitable experience for your attendees. You can personalize your event by segmenting the audience, designing different tracks, and using different communication channels. If your goal is to increase your ROI, consider incorporating a live-stream feature into your virtual event. Here are some tips for hosting an effective virtual event:


Host a virtual event in India, and watch your ROI skyrocket. Events have an average ROI of 25-34%. But with the rise of virtual events, the ROI is even higher. A virtual event does not require you to spend money on venue rent, booths, promotional material, or security. You can focus on other elements of your virtual event, such as content, promotion, and audience engagement.

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