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Astronomers with the Slooh online observatory will host a free “star party” with live views of the supermoon today (May 6) at 7 p.m. EDT (2300 GMT). 

The event will stream on YouTube for the public, and paid Slooh members can join in the live discussion via Zoom. Hosted by Slooh astronomer Paul Cox, the show will feature live views of the moon as experts discuss the astronomical event.

You can watch it live in the window above, courtesy of Slooh, or directly via Slooh’s YouTube channel. 

From Slooh:

Slooh’s next mission is to livestream the last in the 2020 trilogy of Supermoons – the Super Flower Moon on Wednesday, May 6th at 7 PM EDT.

Hosted by Slooh Astronomer Paul Cox, and Slooh’s Director of Education, Russ Glenn, they will be joined by Slooh members around the globe in the live star party. As well as discussing the Supermoon, and how the Moon affects the natural world, they will be introducing Slooh’s new Online Space Camp and educational Quests, where students collect images of phenomena in space, research-related information, analyze their data and draw conclusions in a series of self-directed learning activities that culminate in the creation of their own personalized infographic featuring their images.

Viewers will be able to snap their own photos of the supermoon from Slooh’s live telescopes located at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands and in Chile!

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Event Timing for Wednesday, May 6th, 2020:

Live Stream Commences: 7 PM EDT ¦ 23:00UTC

Live Stream Ends: 8 PM EDT ¦ 00:00UTC

TO WATCH Slooh’s live coverage:

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A comparison of the apparent size of a perigee moon, or “supermoon,” and an apogee moon (“minimoon”) as seen through Slooh’s Half Meter Telescope at its Canary Islands Observatory in 2015. (Image credit: Slooh)


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