PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Health officials in New York’s North Country say several recent parties are to blame for new cases of COVID-19.

Nine new lab-confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Clinton County are associated with several recent parties in Plattsburgh. All nine are isolating in their homes. None are currently hospitalized. Contact tracing as of Friday evening had identified 27 individuals as close contacts. These people are now in quarantine.

“This rise in cases is very disturbing because it was preventable,” said John Kanoza, the County’s Director of Public Health.

CCHD’s contact tracing team is continuing to identify and quarantine contacts. The team will need to monitor each of the new cases and their contacts along with approximately 46 other individuals already in isolation or quarantine.

“People are tired of staying home and distancing. I get that. But, this virus will not go away just because we are tired. We need to maintain the health practices that got us to the point where we are able to slowly begin to reopen our County,” said Kanoza. “We must stay home when possible, maintain distance between ourselves and others when we go out, wear a face covering when distancing is not possible and wash our hands often. These strategies have worked so far. We must continue.”

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