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The International Dark-Sky Association posted the original version of this article at its website on April 7, 2020

During International Dark Sky Week – April 19-26, 2020 – the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) invites you and your family to engage with authors, educators, artists and scientists from around the world who are excited to share their passion for astronomy, our cultural connection to the stars, life in the dark, and how we can work together to protect the night.

Presentations will be broadcast live every day during International Dark Sky Week. Learn more, and check out the schedule here, or follow along on YouTube or Facebook. Let’s #lookuptogether this #IDSW2020.

IDA’s executive director Ruskin Hartley said:

Right now, families around the globe find themselves spending many hours at home together. It’s a perfect time to reconnect with the night sky, and International Dark-Sky Week provides a portal for that experience.

Bottom line: International Dark Sky Week – April 19-26, 2020 – is a worldwide event hosted by the International Dark-Sky Association. The event is held in April during the week of the new moon, when the sky is darkest and the stars most visible.

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Members of the EarthSky community – including scientists, as well as science and nature writers from across the globe – weigh in on what’s important to them. Photo by Robert Spurlock.

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