Tuesday’s “First Call” features Ben Roethlisberger’s odds at winning the Comeback Player of the Year award. The Steelers-Cowboys Hall of Fame game is in doubt. T.J. Watt needs some cooking advice. And the Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to cool those Leonard Fournette trade rumors.

Captain comeback

DraftKings posted their odds for NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger isn’t the favorite. He’s second at +350. Guess who is first.

Rob Gronkowski Answers Tom Brady’s Conch-Shell Call In Perfect Fashion pic.twitter.com/JbHokeuQXe

— PatriotsNation™ 2 (@Jordanems) April 1, 2016

Yeah. New Buccaneer Rob Gronkowski. The former Patriots tight end sat out last year. Now he’s back in Tampa Bay with +200 odds.

T.J. Watt’s brother — also known as J.J. Watt — is at +700 to return with the award after his torn pectoral muscle in Houston. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is at +1000. He had torn ligaments in his ankle last year that caused him to miss all of 2019.

Everybody’s favorite former Steelers receiver, Antonio Brown, comes in at +2000. You know, just in case.

Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett is at +2000. Missing the last six games of the season for a suspension after trying to kill another player with his own helmet counts as a comeback.

I guess.

And the latest perceived future Steelers backup quarterback candidate, Mitch Trubisky, has the longest shot on the board at +10,000.

Watt’s cookin’?

Since we brought up the Watt brothers, I’m getting worried about T.J.

Are we sure he doesn’t have coronavirus? It’s said that a loss of taste is a side effect of covid-19. And Watt clearly is going through that as it appears he is doing a lot of cooking for himself these days.

Does anyone else enjoy plain noodles? No salt, no butter, no nothing.

— TJ Watt (@_TJWatt) May 5, 2020

Well, I’ll say this about Watt. He’s low maintenance. But it doesn’t appear that his brother Derek has much desire to do the holidays at his place.

And just like that… @JJWatt wins the cooking title #ArentYouEmbarrassed

— Derek Watt (@DerekWatt34) May 5, 2020

Important clarification. What kind of noodles are we talking about here? Spaghetti? Linguini?

If so, T.J. needs some help. Professional help.

If we are talking more along the lines of elbow macaroni or rotini or penne, that is closer to acceptable.

Not totally acceptable. But nearing that.

Can Canton happen?

Well, we’ll find out soon enough.

Much like everything else in the world, the NFL’s preseason Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio is up in the air because of the pandemic.

This year, it is supposed to involve the Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys on Aug. 6. It’s the first game of the NFL season. And it is in jeopardy. So are the entire Hall of Fame induction ceremonies which include former Steelers Troy Polamalu, Donnie Shell and Bill Cowher.

USA Today reports that Hall of Fame executive director David Baker has five different contingency plans to work around a potential postponement.

The Hall currently plans to induct 10 members of its Centennial Class in August. The remaining enshrinees are scheduled to go in Sept. 16-19. That’s in accordance with celebrations to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the league.

ProFootballTalk.com reports that a NFL Draft-style “virtual enshrinement” isn’t in the works. Instead, they are looking at options including a ceremony next Easter weekend if they have to delay because of health and safety concerns.

Baker said he wanted to preserve the in-person elements including the parade and the Gold Jacket Dinner.

The full NFL schedule is supposed to be revealed on Thursday.

Just a Jag

Leonard Fournette is staying in Jacksonville.

For now.

The Jaguars running back was at the center of many trade discussions before the draft. We suggested that Pittsburgh made sense as a potential destination. But nothing materialized.

Here or anywhere else.

Even though rumors were wild that the Jags were willing to pawn off Fournette for a low-round draft choice.

Jacksonville general manager Dave Caldwell went on the ProFootballTalk podcast on Monday to downplay the extent of the talks. Caldwell just referred to them as “minor discussions” but “nothing substantial throughout the draft or prior to the draft.”

Caldwell tried to smooth the edges.

“I think the mindset is that we’re going to go forward with Leonard on the team. I had a good talk with him on Friday. I know Coach (Doug) Marrone has had some discussion with him. He seems to be in great shape and mental frame of mind, and we feel that he’ll have a great season this year.”

We’ll see about that. Don’t be surprised if his name resurfaces around the trade deadline.

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