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This post was updated on 4/26 at 9 AM.

We can debate what to make of Destiny 2’s “whoops the real Olympics got cancelled” Guardian Games event in terms of how it’s been presented with its endless bounty grind, but I do think it has achieved at least part of its desired objectives, stirring up drama between the classes of the game.

While no one was surprised to see Hunters take day one of the Guardian Games, players have been stunned to see Titans now utterly dominating the event and Hunters sinking so low their score banner is literally going through the floor.

So, what’s going on? Why Titans? Will this continue?

First, to address the big question, no, I do not believe that Bungie is rigging this event, putting one class over another in a given day to make it “competitive” rather than letting just one class dominate every single day (which everyone assumed would be Hunters). I don’t suppose we’d have any way to actually tell, but I will take them at their word since they have said outright this is not what they’re doing, and lying to a million active players is probably not a good idea no matter how low the stakes.

That leads to the next point, that Hunters feel like they’ve been shafted because Bungie said that they would be weighting the Games to consider that there are way more Hunters in the game than any other class. Now Hunters think they’re being under-weighted and it’s costing them standings.

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I don’t really think this is the case. Weighting is not that complicated. For the sake of easy math, lets say there are 100 active Hunters in the game and 50 Titans and 50 Warlocks. “Weighting” here would be that Hunter medals count for one point, while Titan and Warlock medals count for two points. That’s it. That’s not hard, and it’s not unfair, either. So I don’t think you can blame weighting.

Moving on to more excuses, now there’s Insurmountable Skullfort, the Titan exotic that lets you shoulder charge or ballistic slam your way to a ton of ability kill Laurels faster than other classes.

Playing all three classes (yes, yes, I know, defeating the purpose of the event), I will say that yes, I am running Skullfort on my Titan and yes, it generates Laurels faster than anything else in the game in most activities.

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However, keep in mind that the Guardian Games standings are not based on Laurels, they’re based on medals. And every class, every day, has the same amount of potential medals to turn in. Yes, I complete the Silver “get Laurels in X activity medals” on my Titan faster than I do the other classes. And yet I still have to stay in activities just as long as any other class to get the gold when it comes to things like getting Crucible kills, running four strikes or running five forges. Skullfort doesn’t help with those gold medals. Even if I’m generating more Laurels because of Skullfort, that doesn’t really have any affect on the standings.

In short, Titans are winning because they are depositing more medals, while Warlocks and Hunters have access to the same amount of medals every day. They’re just taking the event more seriously, and want that statue in the Tower (this one, please). Short of some technical glitch we can’t possibly know about behind the scenes, that’s what’s happening, and excuses about weighting and Skullfort really don’t add up when you consider how the event is scored.

We’ll see what happens as time goes on, if Hunters come back and in Warlocks can ever actually win a day. For now though, it’s Titan domination.

Update: Titans are once again poised to win for a third day in a row, with the banner position roughly unchanged from the last two days. This has resulted in a lot of very mad Hunters, and one thing that’s been brought up I didn’t address in the original piece is this idea that Titans, en masse, are deleting characters, remaking new Titans, going through the initial story mission and then getting a medal to turn in at the start of the Guardian Games quest.

Sorry, but I just can’t see this being a serious contributor toward why Titans are winning over Warlocks and Hunters. First of all, if any die-hard class fan wants to do this, they can, it’s not specific to Titans even though yes, I have seen screenshots of forum posts where a Titan or two says they’re doing it. Second of all, how much do you think people are doing this…really? The process of deleting a character, doing the intro story mission to get a single medal is mindnumbing, and are people really doing this for what, six medals an hour? This is a game with a million active players. Even if a few people are doing this, there’s no way it’s making a difference in the standings or the reason Titans are winning.

We’ll see what happens as the Games press on, but no, there are not crazed Titan fans deleting characters around the clock giving them hundreds of thousands of medals to tip the scales.

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