“I feel like the Neem and the Mango tree in front of our house saved our building from the Amphan cyclone. The trees struggled for six to seven hours against the ferocious winds and when I went to sleep that stormy night, I could still hear them lashing against my window.” said Poulami Mukhopadhyay, a resident of Jadavpur, Kolkata. Mukhopadhyay woke up the morning after the Amphan cyclone (21 May), and found those massive trees that she had known for almost two decades of her life, lying on the ground, broken and severed. “Nowadays, whenever I look out of my window, I am startled by their absence. I cannot believe those two trees were ripped from the ground. Last Thursday, like every Thursday of the year, my mother used the leaves from our mango tree for lokkhi pujo (Lakshmi Puja). This Thursday, the tree was on the ground, uprooted,” she added. As the Amphan cyclone ravaged through West Bengal on
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