German football journalist Constantin Eckner attended Eintracht Frankfurt v Borussia Monchengladbach yesterday.

In an article for BBC Sport he described his experience.

“Journalists had permission to only go to section two, the stands. We were expected to arrive at the stadium more than 90 minutes before kick-off to get through a security check while already wearing a mask.

“Approaching Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena, it was noticeable how uncommonly quiet it was. Usually 90 minutes before a match, the car park would already be filling up, with people swarming towards the entries. Not this time.

“The atmosphere was chastened, with everyone keeping their mouths under face masks and obeying physical distancing rules. There was no chatting or joking with the security personnel. Instead, everyone that wanted to enter the stadium acted seriously, realising how surreal the situation was.

“The empty stands made for a sorry sight while music was being played over the loudspeakers for whatever reason.”

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