When the Warriors traded Monta Ellis in 2012, owner Joe Lacob was showered with a chorus of boos during Chris Mullin’s jersey retirement ceremony.

You know what would draw even louder jeers? Lacob and Warriors management moving two-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champion Steph Curry.

“Never” is a dangerous word in sports, but “The Warriors will never trade Steph Curry” might be the safest bet.

That being said, Bleacher Report’s Preston Ellis decided to ponder what it would take for each NBA team to trade its No. 1 star.

In this hypothetical scenario, the Warriors would trade Curry to the Boston Celtics for four-time NBA All-Star point guard Kemba Walker, a top six protected 2020 first-round draft pick (from Memphis) and an unprotected 2020 first-round pick.

Let’s make this crystal clear. This trade is never happening. And even if the Warriors were to consider trading Curry, it would take WAY more than one All-Star player and two first-round draft picks.

Here’s how Ellis defended the trade for the Warriors:

“Walker could help the Warriors stay in win-now mode alongside Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, while Golden State could replenish its bench with the two 2020 first rounders coming over in the deal.”

Walker is a very good NBA player, but he’s not on the same level as Curry. Steph is the one-named face of the Warriors’ franchise. He’s the face of their dynasty. If he’s not already the most beloved athlete in Bay Area sports history, he’s in the top four or five.

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You don’t trade a generational, franchise talent in his prime.

This isn’t happening. Moving on.

The most important segment of ESPN’s 10-hour “The Last Dance” documentary will be covered next Sunday in episodes 7 and 8.

The infamous fight between Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan during a Chicago Bulls scrimmage in 1995.

OK, it’s probably not the most important segment, but it might be one of the juiciest.

ESPN posted a preview of the sides discussing how the fight happened.

“So one day at practice, Phil [Jackson] puts Steve Kerr guarding me,” Jordan said.

“We’re on opposite sides of the scrimmage, and he’s talking all kinds of trash, and I’m pissed because we’re getting our ass kicked,” Kerr retorted.

“Phil sensed my aggression, but he was trying to tone me down, and he starts calling these ticky-tack fouls,” Jordan said. “Now I’m getting mad, because for you to be protecting this guy, that’s not going to help us when we play New York. That’s not going to help us when we play these teams that are very physical.

“The next time he did it, I just haul off on Kerr. When I foul Steve Kerr, I said, ‘Now, that’s a f—–g foul.’ “

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 4, 2020

Jordan had a reputation for being hard on teammates during practice. He was so hard on former No. 3 overall draft pick Dennis Hopson that the Bulls had to trade him to the Kings.

Kerr wasn’t so easily intimidated, though.

“I have a lot of patience as a human being, but I tend to snap at some point because I’m extremely competitive, too,” Kerr said. “I’m just not really good enough to back it up, usually. But I’m going to fight.”

It was at this point that Kerr punched Jordan.

“He hauls off and hits me in the chest, and I just haul off and hit him right in the f—–g eye,” Jordan said. “And Phil just throws me out of practice.”


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But as Kerr has said, he believes the fight with Jordan brought them closer together.

“I would say it definitely helped our relationship, and that probably sounds really weird,” Kerr told TNT’s Ernie Johnson in April “I wouldn’t recommend that to anybody at home. … For me in that case, Michael was definitely testing me, and I responded. I feel like I kind of passed the test, and he trusted me more afterwards.”

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Either way, we can’t wait to see the full segment on Kerr and Jordan’s fight next weekend.

Draymond Green already has a problem with Charles Barkley.

And now, he might have an issue with Kendrick Perkins, too.

Near the end of episode No. 6 of “The Last Dance” documentary on the Chicago Bulls that aired Sunday night, Perkins took to Twitter.

Draymond bet not fix his lips to say anything about chuck again.

— Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) May 4, 2020

He posted this because the show featured the 1993 NBA Finals between Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Barkley’s Phoenix Suns.

Over the course of the series, Barkley — who was named NBA MVP that season — averaged 27.3 points, 13.0 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 1.2 steals. Unfortunately for him:

Michael Jordan in the 1993 NBA Finals = 41.0 points, 8.5 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 1.7 steals, 51% overall, 40% 3s

— Drew Shiller (@DrewShiller) May 4, 2020

The Bulls won in six games.

“I have no problem losing to Michael,” Barkley said in the show. “Losing to Michael — there’s no shame in that. Sports are like a gun fight. And we lost to the fastest gun.”

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Draymond, of course, has reminded people over the years about how the Hall of Famer never won an NBA title.

“Barkley should stop (talking about me) before I go take his job, though,” Draymond told reporters in early March. “Because I can do that well, too. He needs that job so he should stop talking (about) me.

“I have a tendency to end people, so he should stop before I take his job. If he keeps talking, I’ll take it soon. Sooner than he thinks. So he probably should be quiet.

“He also can’t talk basketball with me. Not smart enough, not qualified, no rings — can’t sit at this table.”

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Draymond is very smart and knows that Barkley was an incredible basketball player. But he likes to bring up that Sir Charles doesn’t have a championship ring because, well, that’s just what you do when you’re talking trash.

Also — it’s personal for Draymond.

“As someone who may do TV after I’m done playing … I’m always the guy trying to look out for the young guy,” he explained on Showtime’s “All the Smoke” podcast last month. “Speak the truth on basketball. Speak the facts. But I think we all know — and it’s no secret — that Charles Barkley don’t study basketball. Charles Barkley get up there and talk out the side of his neck.

“I don’t have an issue with somebody critiquing my game — critique my game all you want … but he like to throw shots and s–t. And it’s like, bro, the jealousy gotta step. I’m a young black man that came up after you. You essentially paved the way. Appreciate the way that you paved and stop f–king hating.”

There actually are human beings who don’t think Draymond was very good and/or just not very important to the Warriors. It’s pure insanity pic.twitter.com/nCiYHFpF7D

— Drew Shiller (@DrewShiller) May 3, 2020

Perkins has said some very nice things about Draymond recently, so you probably shouldn’t expect any type of response from the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year.

But you never know.

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