Healthcare workers started caring for COVID-19 patients two months ago. Although they survived a peak in Washington that wasn’t as overwhelming as expected, the patients keep coming, and workers are bracing for a possible second wave. Here, some describe the mix of emotions that’s come with their changing roles. 

A blow to transit: King County Metro was bucking a trend: As few people rode buses in America’s cities, riders flocked to board here. But the coronavirus outbreak has decimated ridership, threatening to undo years of growth. 

Virtual schools are expanding as some parents find them the logical answer to school closures. But with large class sizes, a lack of transparency and questionable results, experts question their value. 

“V-shaped” recovery no more? By almost every indicator, the economic damage from the pandemic has been so much worse than expected that some economists are now drawing comparisons, not to earlier recessions, but to natural disasters.

Protection in your paper: A long-time Seattle Times mother-daughter newspaper delivery dropped notes into their newspapers asking subscribers if they needed free masks. Read the touching story about who received the message — and the masks — at just the right time. 

Some (too many?) like it hot: On Saturday, locals flocked to parks to enjoy highs that reached up to 86 degrees in some areas. With temperatures expected to remain in the upper 70s and 80s Sunday, will social distancing get any easier?

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